Everything you need to know about Linkedin

Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn to

Build Your Business


Many people think of LinkedIn as a glorified job search but this professional social networking site is actually an amazing business-to-business marketing tool……………..If you know what you’re doing.


With a little bit of time and effort, following these steps can help you turn LinkedIn into a business generation engine.

Start with your profile


Your profile on LinkedIn is the most important element on the site. It’s your business card –- a quick and easy way for people to decide if they have any interest in you.

  • Chose a good picture

The best pictures have solid color backgrounds with your face taking up as much of the frame as possible.

  • Headlines matter (as always)

The Professional Headline that appears below your name is included on every reference about you on the site. Make sure it includes your title and your company.

  • Tell them about YOU

Include some of your non-work related experiences. If you belong to a local networking group or other affiliations, add them.

The more experiences that you add, the easier it will be for LinkedIn to connect you with others within their network.

  • Connect with right people

Schedule some time every few months to update your contacts within LinkedIn.

Ask yourself, would you feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling this person? If not, don’t add them to your contacts.

  • Use recommendations

An easy way to enhance your reputation is to obtain as many recommendations as possible. Lots of recommendations add up to social proof that you’re a professional others can depend on. The best way to get recommendations is to ask for them. The Request Recommendations tool is simple to use, but take the time to edit the default message by tailoring it for your audience. A good way to start your message is to acknowledge how much you value their opinion.

And if your requests for recommendation fall flat? Start writing recommendations for others you know. They may very well reciprocate.

  • Summary

Don’t waste your summary area with a lot of empty word about your “team-oriented, results-focused goal setting” qualifications. Instead, use the summary as a place to answer a simple question — Why do you do what you do? Think of your summary as the human element of who you are, the backstory to everything you’ve done so far.

  • The Look

With one click and a mouse move, you can substantially control the narrative that people view when visiting your public profile page.

Next to every section heading on your profile page is a directional arrow icon that allows you to re-order and emphasize the sections of your profile for viewers.

Front-load your page with the most exciting content. For example, if you have great recommendations, drag them to the top so viewers see your most positive details first.

  • SEO

If you make your profile page public, search engines like Google will index it.

Make sure to optimize your summary, using your full proper name versus “I” or “me.” You might also want to enter links to websites you want to highlight.

Also, linking from your website biography page to your LinkedIn profile page is a great idea

  • Update

LinkedIn presents a list of Network Updates when a user logs in.

Start building authority and awareness through an ever-present stream of relevant information that appears directly on the LinkedIn home page of your connections.

  • Create your own LinkedIn group


LinkedIn contains a vast collection of online groups. For many, joining and participating in a LinkedIn group is an easy way to build authority through comments and discussion postings.

The real secret of having your own group is the free email broadcast tool included with it.

Under the Manage options, you will see a feature to Send An Announcement. While restricted to once every seven days, LinkedIn provides you with a free and easy method to send email broadcasts to your group members.

  • Company Page

A Company Page is an easy way to provide additional details about your business.

As you update your Products & Services page, consider including appealing special offers for people who visit and recommend your LinkedIn company page. Don’t forget to promote your company page by LinkedIn email, group discussions, group announcements, and updating your status.